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CODPoints chipstack BO

CODPoints, or Call of Duty Points, shown as CoD Points logo BO, is a feature in Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer that acts as currency which is used to buy weapons, attachments, Perks, player character customizations, camouflages, and contracts. It is also featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops: Zombies with them being able to be bought in-app to be a placeholder for points.

Ranking up allows weapons and equipment to be unlocked, as with previous Call of Duty games, but they must be purchased with CODPoints to be utilized. All attachments are available to the weapon(s) purchased, but also must be purchased individually. Every Perk is available from level 4, and must be purchased as well. All Killstreaks Rewards are unlocked for purchase at level 10.

CODPoints can also be wagered in Wager Matches or used to buy Contracts. CODPoints awarding is simple: excluding challenges and contracts, the player will receive 10% of their experience points in CODPoints. For example, if a player gets 3000 experience points in one game, they will earn CoD Points logo BO300. In Wager Matches, more CODPoints are earned each game due to the high-risk gameplay of the matches. CoD Points logo BO1000 is earned when promoted on odd levels, and CoD Points logo BO2500 is earned when promoted on even levels. These bonuses allow new players to rack up enough points in the first few levels, which can in turn be spent on the first weapons or customization choices. All the player's CODPoints are lost upon prestiging, so excess points should be spent on playercard elements or the ability to put the player's emblem/clan tag on a weapon, which are the only permanent things in the game.

Cost Edit

After Action Report CoDPoints Menu BO

After Action Report CODPoint menu


Buying an M14 with CODPoints.

Wager Matches (buy-ins)Edit

  • Ante Up - CoD Points logo BO10
  • Weekend Gambler - CoD Points logo BO1000
  • High Roller - CoD Points logo BO10000
  • PC version - CoD Points logo BO500


  • Prestige Leaderboard - CoD Points logo BO50000

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