Caen overview
Call of Duty 2
American vs German
Console Codename (PC)

Caen is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 2 (Windows Mobile).


The layout of this map is quite large. On the German side there is a large train station to hide the flag behind in Capture the Flag, and a Machine Gun a short distance away to cover the street. In the center of the map is a large series of buildings, each with a second floor for sniping.
One building most people miss is the eastern one, that has openings to snipe enemies anywhere at the halfway area of the map. It has multiple spawn spots, a very large layout overall, and can be good for large numbers of people. On the western American side of the map is a large series of buildings stretching to the halfway point of the map. It can be used (like the eastern building) to snipe anyone at the halfway point of the map.
In Capture the Flag, the building's back entrance/exit is good for German flag carriers to escape through. At the eastern German side of the map, a large destroyed building is present. It can be used for shooting people on the German side of the map, or for hiding the flag carrier in Capture The Flag mode. In the building right next to that, there is a structure usable to snipe anyone on the east street to the German area.
On the western side of the German map is a rarely used building that can be used to snipe anyone on the German street to the west. It can also be used to hide the German or American flag carrier in Capture The Flag.

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