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Call of Duty: Black Ops II Official Soundtrack
BOII OST Cover Art
Developer(s) Treyarch
Publisher(s) Activision
Released November 13, 2012
Media Digital download

The Call of Duty: Black Ops II Official Soundtrack, composed by Jack Wall and featuring a main theme by Trent Reznor, is a digital release that is included with the preordering of Call of Duty: Black Ops II Hardened Edition, Care Package Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition. It is also released alongside the game on iTunes.[1]


Track Name Location Played
*Theme from Call of Duty Black Ops II (5:38)
*Imma Try It Out (3:50) - Skrillex & Alvin Risk
  • "Karma" - searching for Chloe in Club Solar, cutscene
  • Credits (if Mason survived)
  • Multiplayer map Plaza; in Luna nightclub
*Alex and David (1:34)
*Savimbi's Pride (4:07)
*You Can't Kill Me (1:42)
  • "Pyrrhic Victory" - Finding Woods
  • "Time and Fate" - Seeing Menendez as Mason
*Hidden (2:46)
  • "Pyrrhic Victory" - Sneaking past the Tropas and encountering Menendez
*Catch Me If You Can (2:41)
  • "Pyrrhic Victory" - Escaping with Woods from the Tropas
*Flying Squirrels (2:08)
  • "Celerium" - Gliding to the temple, entering the facility
*Future Wars (5:04)
  • "Celerium" - Fighting through to the temple, infiltrating the facility
*Rare Earth Elements (3:38)
  • "Celerium" - Discovering Celerium
  • "Karma" - entering Colossus, searching for Karma on database
  • "Achilles' Veil" - cutscene, variant at Harper's death
  • "Judgement Day" - ending; Chloe cracks Celerium worm (if Chloe survives)
*Desert Ride (3:09)
*Sand and Camels (3:30)
  • "Old Wounds" - defending Mujahideen base, capturing ammo cache
*Suicide Ride/Kravchenko Interrogation/Anvil Again (5:21)
*Afghanistan 2025 (3:20)
  • "I.E.D."
  • "Achilles' Veil" - finding Menendez
*The Search for Josefina (4:00)
  • "Time and Fate" - searching for Josefina as Menendez, encountering Menendez for the second time as Mason
  • "Odysseus" - Menendez uploads the Celerium worm
*Niño Precioso (2:15)
  • "Time and Fate" - player first controls Menendez
*Rivers and Rain (2:01)
*Searchlights (3:05)
*Anthem (4:00)
  • "Fallen Angel" - recording Menendez's conversation
*Anthem (Tuey Remix) (3:33)
  • "Fallen Angel" - after Menendez's conversation with DeFalco
*Escape from Anthem (1:44)
  • "Fallen Angel" - escaping Anthem and getting to the SOC-T
*Pakistan Run (2:44)
  • "Fallen Angel" - escaping on the SOC-Ts and with the hacked drone
  • "Judgement Day" - variant at attacking the facility and shutting down the drone transmission
*Shadows (Outer Club Solar) (3:40)
  • "Karma" - entering Club Solar
  • Multiplayer map Plaza; entrance to Luna nightclub
*Spider Bot (1:23)
  • "Karma" - controlling Ziggy
*Colossus (1:00)
  • "Karma" - landing on Colossus, first encountering PMC
*DeFalco's Theme (2:34)
  • "Fallen Angel" - cutscene, DeFalco talks with Menendez
  • "Karma" - DeFalco takes hostages, DeFalco escapes with Chloe
  • "Odysseus" - DeFalco kills Chloe (if survived and Chloe was saved in "Second Chance")
*Symphony No. 40 in Gminor, K550 (Allegro Molto) (8:36)
  • "Karma" - entering elevator to CRC room
*Dockside (2:47)
  • "Pyrrhic Victory" - being attacked by the Hind
  • "Karma" - chasing after DeFalco
  • "FOB Spectre"
  • "Shipwreck"
  • "Dispatch"
  • "Judgement Day" - searching for Menendez
*Go Home Gringos (1:58)
*The Invasion of Panama (1:46)
  • "Time and Fate" - raiding Menendez's compound
  • "Suffer With Me" - searching and capturing Noriega
*Nexus Target (1:40)
  • "Suffer With Me" - storming Noriega's room
*Panic Attack/P.T.S.D. (1:43)
  • "Suffer With Me" - chasing after Noriega in the clinic and arriving at checkpoint
*Cordis Die (2:29)
  • "Achilles' Veil" - walking with Menendez to the stage as Farid, meeting Menendez
  • "Odysseus" - taking control of Menendez
  • "Judgement Day" - variant at Menendez's broadcast, ending; Menendez escapes from prison (if captured and Chloe dies)
*Farid (6:10)
  • "Achilles' Veil" - controlling Farid
*Enter Mason/Yemenite Fight (2:47)
  • "Achilles' Veil" - controlling Section
*War Machine (3:14)
  • "Second Chance"
*Guerra Precioso (2:56)
  • "Odysseus" - interrogating Menendez
*Chasing a Ghost (3:29)
  • "Odysseus" - cutscene, fighting through the Obama
  • "Cordis Die" - cutscene
  • "Judgement Day" - preparing to descend from the VTOL
*On Deck (2:40)
  • "Odysseus" - escaping the Obama
*Prom Night (1:30)
  • "Cordis Die" - riding to L.A. for MRAP, fighting through the streets
*Dark Skies (1:51)
*Sniper on the 110 (1:32)
  • "Cordis Die" - providing sniper support
*Streetcar Named Fire (3:13)
  • "Cordis Die" - fighting through the streets
*Escort (1:40)
  • "Cordis Die" - controlling the FA38
*Dogfight (3:22)
  • "Cordis Die" - fighting the Lodestar ships
*Adrenaline (3:25)
  • Multiplayer menu
  • "Karma" - fighting through the PMCs
  • "Judgement Day" - descending from the VTOLs to the facility
*Judgment Day (1:14)
  • "Judgement Day" - ending; Menendez's YouTube video (if Menendez was killed)
*Hero's Theme (2:30)
  • "Odysseus" - cutscene
  • "Cordis Die" - cutscene, Anderson's arrive
  • "Judgement Day" - exiting the facility, ending; Mason reunites with Woods (if Mason survived)
*Raul Menendez Theme ("Niño Precioso" - Orchestral) (3:52)
  • "Judgement Day" - ending; Section and Woods visit Mason's grave (if Mason was killed)
*Theme from Call of Duty Black Ops II (Orchestral Mix) (5:47)
  • Credits

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  1. Amazon Track Listing

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