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ARCut The subject matter of this article was cut from the final version of a Call of Duty game.
Call of Duty: Combined Forces
A cover of the document sent to Activision from Spark Unlimited which pitched the ultimately rejected idea
Developer(s) Spark Unlimited
Publisher(s) Activision (rejected the concept)
Released Canceled
Genre(s) First-person shooter

Call of Duty: Combined Forces was the concept of a sequel to Call of Duty: Finest Hour that was pitched to Activision by Spark Unlimited after their completion of Finest Hour.[1] Because the game was projected to take $10.5 million in funding from Activision to complete (Spark Unlimited's first game was only supposed to take $2 million to create but took over $8 million by the end after legal encounters with Electronic Arts in 2003 and other production problems that arose afterward) and "the proposal seemed to describe a game that would be more of an expansion pack rather than a wholly new experience",[2] Activision rejected the proposal and ended their contract with Spark Unlimited.

References Edit

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