There are 3 mini-games in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized.

Satellite SyncingEdit

This mini-game came from the mission "Closing In" In this mini-game, the player must put the chips back into the socket. The pins have to line up or the "Failure" message will appear. The player then will have synced the satellites. Hold down the satellites until the dot on the matching path is at the arrow. Next, put the cameras on the red square before they leave the screen.

Nuke DisarmingEdit

This mini-game is the one from the last level in the game. First, scan the nuke. Then slide the four locks. Now cut the wires of the active circuit. Open the circuit by unscrewing the screws. Tap each chip three times.

Hacking LaptopsEdit

The only thing to do on this mini-game is to put in 1-2-3 then 4-5-6, and so on. The code changes each time the player plays again. The lights do not correspond to the places of the numbers. Grey means the number is wrong, yellow means that a number is correct, but in the wrong position, and green means that a number is in its correct position. The player can keep trying until he gets the correct code.

Note: It might be best to use a pencil and paper the first time through.