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In the iOS variant, Call of Duty: Zombies feature achievements just like the console version in Call of Duty: World at War. Upon completion, players earn scores (points), but have no values or meanings during in-games. There are five contents in the Achievement category: Overall Achievements, Nacht der Untoten, Verrückt, Shi No Numa, and Der Riese. The player can't complete an achievement if they are on an specific map that requires to be on another map. Players can access achievement challenges by tapping Extras on the main menu then tap Achievements.

There are currently 106 achievements in the iOS app totaling 105,050 points.

Overall AchievementsEdit

Name Description Points
My Flamin' Heart Get the Flamethrower. 100 Points
Smells like Chicken Roast 4 Zombies simultaneously. 1000 Points
Dramatic Exit Commit suicide with a grenade and take out 3 zombies with you. 100 Points
The Skull Collector Collect 10 Insta-Kill 100 Points
Severance Explode 2 zombie heads simultaneously. 2000 Points
Fresh from the Oven Kill 3 zombies with a cooked grenade that have been cooked for at least 2 seconds, without dying. 1000 Points
Chastity Accumulate 2000 points from repairing barricades. 1000 Points
Together, my Brother! Join a friend in a Co-Op session. 100 Points
Witching Hour Play the game during "Witching Hour". 100 Points
Munitions Expert 1 Fire 1000 rounds of ammunition (overall). 500 Points
Munitions Expert 2 Fire 4000 rounds of ammunition (overall). 1000 Points
Munitions Expert 3 Fire 10000 rounds of ammunition (overall) 2000 Points
The Grinder 1 Gib 50 enemies. 500 Points
The Grinder 2 Gib 200 enemies. 1000 Points
The Grinder 3 Gib 400 enemies. 2000 Points
Poppin' Heads 1 Pop 25 Zombies heads. 500 Points
Poppin' Heads 2 Pop 100 Zombies heads. 1000 Points
Poppin' Heads 3 Pop 250 Zombies heads. 5000 Points
Armless... Remove both arms from 25 Zombies. 2000 Points
...Legless Remove both legs from 25 Zombies. 2000 Points
Eagle Eye Kill a zombie 50 ft away 2000 Points
Running Man Cover a distance of 10 miles. 1000 Points
Nuclear Lollercaust Collect 10 Nukes. 1000 Points
Double Down Collect 10 Double Points. 1000 Points
High five, bro! Knife your Co-Op partner in the face. 100 Points
Take my Hand Revive a downed Co-Op partner. 100 Points
The Good Samaritan Revive downed allies 10 times. 1000 Points
Laid Back Executioner Kill 5 zombies when downed in Co-Op mode. 2000 Points
I Like Those Odds! Use the Mystery Box 20 times. 1000 Points
Space Man! Receive a Ray Gun from the Mystery Box. 100 Points
Laser Face Kill 100 zombies with the Ray Gun. 3000 Points
Eternal Investments Spend 50000 points in-game (overall). 5000 Points
Hyperactive Have drank 10 Quick Revive sodas. 250 Points
Tickets to the Gun Show Have drank 10 Juggernogs 250 Points
When Can I Tap That Have drank 10 Double Tap Root Beer. 250 Points
Palm Me Off Have drank 10 Speed Cola 250 Points
Miracle Hands Revive a Co-Op partner using Quick Revive (Revive Soda). 100 Points
This is for you, Betty! Kill 2 zombies at once using a single Bouncing Betty. 500 Points
Feel My Blade Kill 15 zombies in a row with only a knife without dying. 500 Points
I Think I Need Help Kill 30 zombies in a row with only a knife without dying. 1000 Points
The Coldest Steel Kill 100 Zombies overall with the knife. 250 Points
OneShotRod Pwn the Brainless with your boomstick (Kill 4 zombies with one shotgun shot). 1000 Points
Face Melter Electrocute 8 zombies with one Wunderwaffe DG-2 shot. 1000 Points
Weapon of Minor Damage Kill only one zombie with a nuke. 250 Points
Big Baller Earn 20000 points in a single game. 1000 Points
Big Brawler Kill 30 zombies in a row with a magnum. 1000 Points
On yer 'Ed Kill a zombie with a grenade you bounced off a team-mate. 100 Points
Hong Kong Akimbo Have both pistols as your primary and secondary. 100 Points
Play dead boy! Kill 50 Hellhounds. 250 Points
Hung, drawn... Shoot off a zombie's arms and then blow their legs off. 500 Points
...and Quartered Shoot off a zombie's arms, blow their legs off and shoot their head. 1000 Points
40 Knives Kill 40 zombies with a Bowie Knife (in one game). 250 Points
The Might of the Monkey Use the Monkey Bomb. 100 Points
Perkaholics Anonymous Survive until Round 20 without buying a single perk. 500 Points
Acquire Waffle Weapons Obtain the Ray Gun, the Wunderwaffe DG-2, and the Monkey Bomb at the same time. 1000 Points
It's Tool Time Used the Carpenter five time (accumulatively). 100 Points
Simian Justice Kill 20 zombies or dogs with the Monkey Bombs. 100 Points
Wunderkind Completed all Easter eggs and used all the wonder weapons (in-game). 1000 Points

Nacht der Untoten AchievementsEdit

Name Description Points
Radio Silence Hit the radio in Nacht der Untoten. 100 Points
Hoarder Get to and complete round 5 using only 120 rounds of ammunition. 300 Points
Pistols at Dawn Complete the first 2 rounds using only the pistol and knife. 300 Points
Du bist Wunderschön Complete the Tutorial without Richtofen shooting any zombies for you. 100 Points
Schnell, Schnell! Complete Wave 1 under 60 seconds. 100 Points
No Barriers, No Fear Reach Wave 6 without repairing any barriers. 250 Points
Blow Me Away Kill 20 zombies with exploding barrels 500 Points.
Stay Off My Lawn! Survive 2 waves without letting a single zombie into the building in Nacht der Untoten. 1000 Points.
Hard-Ass Take no damage for 5 rounds. 1000 Points
This is my Boomstick! Survive 5 waves using shotguns. 1000 Points
OK, I think I can do this Reach Wave 5. 1000 Points
I can make it! Reach wave 12. 3000 Points
Awesome Badassery Reach wave 20. 5000 Points

Verrückt AchievementsEdit

Name Description Points
Open Wide... Activate the Dentist chair. 100 Points
Electro-Shock Therapy Have killed 50 zombies with Electro-Shock Defenses. 500 Points
You got the Powah! Activate the generator (Power Switch). 100 Points
I'm Buzzing Baby! Have all Perks at once. 1000 Points
Das Ist Mein Haus Open up all the asylum areas. 500 Points
Pass Me A Straight Jacket Reach wave 5. 1000 Points
Lock Me Up... Reach wave 12. 3000 Points
Throw Away The Key Reach wave 20. 5000 Points
And Stay Down! Kill a zombie as it emerges from the ground. 250 Points
My Kind of Psychiatry Survive 5 waves using only the flamethrower. 1000 Points

Shi No Numa AchievementsEdit

Name Description Points
Dead Air Activate the phone. 100 Points
It's a Trap! Kill at least 1 zombie with the flogger and the electro-barrier. 250 Points
Fertilizer Man Kill 200 zombies. 500 Points
Deadhead Kill 150 zombies by headshots. 500 Points
Ew, my shoes are ruined! Open all the areas. 500 Points
Waterlogged Reach wave 5. 1000 Points
Bogged Down Reach wave 12. 3000 Points
Totally Swamped Reach wave 20. 5000 Points
And Stay Drown! Kill a zombie as they burst out of the swamp. 250 Points
Soul Survivor Reach wave 15 without going into Last Stand. (Co-Op) 500 Points
Flagellater Kill 10 zombies in one bout of the Flogger. 100 Points

Der Riese AchievementsEdit

Name Description Points
Elevate Your Senses Activate the Fly Trap. 500 Points
Locksmith Open all areas. 250 Points
Der Electrician Link all of the teleport pads before round 7. 500 Points
Frequent Flyer Use the teleporter 8 times in one game. 1000 Points
Pack Addict Upgrade 5 weapons at the Pack-a-Punch Machine in one game. 5000 Points
The Poetry of Steak Kill 10 zombies with the teleporters. 250 Points
Mein Shiny Upgrade a weapon once. 250 Points
The Touch of Gott Have 2 Pack-a-Punch weapons at once. 1000 points
Standing Tall Reach round 10. 500 Points
Against Goliath Reach round 20. 1000 Points
On the Shoulder of the Giant Reach round 30. 3000 Points
Wurst Case Kill 500 zombies. 500 Points
And Stay ... Up? Kill a zombie climbing up a ledge. 100 Points


  • Some achievements were re-used from Call of Duty: World at War like "Elevate Your Senses".
  • Certain achievements are only completed through Co-op, so it is impossible to complete all achievements through solo only.