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"The next Call of Duty represents a new era for this amazing franchise, and we look forward to sharing what we have been working on."
— Sledgehammer Games[1]
Call of Duty (2014)
Call of Duty Sledgehammer Games
Developer(s) Sledgehammer Games
Publisher(s) Activision
Released November, 2014[2]
Platform(s) Xbox One[3]

Xbox 360[4]
PlayStation 4[3]
PlayStation 3[4]

Call of Duty (2014) is a new installment of the Call of Duty series and will be developed by Sledgehammer Games. It is set to be released in November 2014 on Xbox One[3], PlayStation 4[3], PlayStation 3[4] and Xbox 360[4].

At first it was planned to be a game in the action/adventure genre and would've been the first third-person only Call of Duty game. In September 2010, Activision realized the community wanted another Modern Warfare game, or another game developed by Infinity Ward. In January 2011, it was confirmed the action-adventure game would be cancelled, or simply put on hold, and instead Sledgehammer Games helped Infinity Ward with the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, while Raven Software worked on the multiplayer.[5] Glen Schofield referred to the game as "most likely cancelled" when interviewed in October 2011.[6]

However in Summer 2013 Sledgehammer confirmed that they were hiring for an unannounced Call of Duty project[7] and a Sledgehammer employee stated that he’s responsible for “developing photo real visual effects for the next Call of Duty – Modern Warfare release.”[8]

In January 2014, a job listing for a Weapons & Vehicle Artist stated that the "candidate must have experience using Adobe Photoshop to create hyper realistic textures for next gen materials."[3] and that Sledgehammer are "looking for a top notch hard surfaces modeler to join [their] AAA family working on the next Call of Duty game."[9] On February 6th 2014, Sledgehammer Games and Activision confirmed that they would be developing the 2014 release of Call of Duty series.[10]



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