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CallOfDuty2-OST-Score Cover

Score Cover

The Call of Duty 2 Official Soundtrack was composed by Graeme Revell, and was released on 10/25/05.

Track listing Edit

Track Track Name Level Played
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-01 - Comrade Sniper
1. Comrade Sniper (3:02) Comrade Sniper
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-02 - Not One Step Backward!
2. Not One Step Backward! (2:39)
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-03 - Demolition & Aftermath
3. Demolition & Aftermath (1:40) Demolition
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-04 - Railroad Station No. 1 (In The Pipe)
4. Railroad Station No. 1 (In The Pipe) (2:37) The Pipeline
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-05 - To Victory!
5. To Victory! (0:40)
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-06 - The End Of The Beginning
6. The End Of The Beginning (1:00) The End of the Beginning
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-07 - The Battle Of ''88 Ridge''
7. The Battle Of '88 Ridge' (3:57) 88 Ridge
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-08 - The Diversionary Raid & Leaving The Depot
8. The Diversionary Raid & Leaving The Depot (2:40) The Diversionary Raid
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-09 - Armored Car Getaway
9. Armored Car Getaway (1:52) Outnumbered and Outgunned
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-10 - Before The Storm
10. Before The Storm (1:46)
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-11 - Charge Of The Crusaders
11. Charge Of The Crusaders (3:20) Crusader Charge
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-12 - The Desert Sea
12. The Desert Sea (1:37) Crusader Charge
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-13 - The Boys Of Pointe Du Hoc
13. The Boys Of Pointe Du Hoc (2:11)
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-14 - Reinforcements To The Pointe
14. Reinforcements To The Pointe (1:47) Defending the Pointe
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-15 - Hedgerow Approach & The Silo
15. Hedgerow Approach & The Silo (3:09) The Silo
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-16 - Tough Days Ahead
16. Tough Days Ahead (0:39)
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-17 - P-51 Mustangs
17. P-51 Mustangs (0:59) The Battle for Hill 400
CallOfDuty2-OST-Graeme Revell-18 - Across The Rhine
18. Across The Rhine (3:37) Crossing the Rhine

Total Runtime 00:39:12

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