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CallOfDuty3-OST-Score Cover

The Call of Duty 3 Official Soundtrack was composed by Joel Goldsmith, and was released on 10/07/06.

Track listing Edit

Track Track Name Level
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-01 - call of duty 3 main title
1.Call of Duty (3:22) Chambois (level)
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-02 - falaise road
2. Falaise Road (1:36) Falaise Road
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-03 - the corridor of death
3. The Corridor of Death (1:04) The Corridor of Death
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-04 - nightdrop
4. Night Drop Prelude (1:39) Night Drop
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-05 - road to chambois
5. Road to Chambois (1:49) Road to Chambois
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-06 - mayenne bridge
6. Mayenne Bridge (1:34) Mayenne Bridge
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-07 - graveyard (over the wall)
7. Call to Arms (2:28)
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-08 - hostage
8. Hostage (0:51) Hostage
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-09 - saint lo
9. Saint Lo (1:15) Saint-Lo
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-10 - the island
10. The Island (1:11) The Island
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-11 - laison river
11. Laison River (1:07) Laison River
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-12 - the black baron
12. The Black Baron (1:08) The Black Baron (Level)
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-13 - the crossroads
13. The Crossroads (2:30) The Crossroads (Call of Duty 3)
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-14 - the forest
14. The Forest (1:24) The Forest
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-15 - for the fallen
15. For the Fallen (1:54) For the Fallen
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-16 - les ormes
16. Les Ormes (1:17) Les Ormes
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-17 - ingram's pride
17. Ingram's Pride (1:16) Ingram's Pride
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-18 - the corridor of death 2
18. The Corridor of Death 2 (3:50) The Corridor of Death 2
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-19 - fog of war
19. Fog of War (2:06)
CallOfDuty3-OST-Joel Goldsmith-20 - victory melody
20. Victory Melody (1:16)

Total Runtime: 34:37

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