Please refrain from using impersonal "you" in articles. In case you do not know what impersonal "you" is, here is an example:

"In Call of Duty 23: Alien Warfare if you go outside the spaceship you can see your house"

Try to replace the you with something else. Have a think and put something creative, like:

"In Call of Duty 23: Alien Warfare if the player goes outside the spaceship it is possible to see their house".

Using impersonal "you" makes the wiki sound unprofessional. As we try to be the best source of Call of Duty information around, we kindly ask you to abide by these guidelines. Not only should you avoid using the impersonal "you," but it would also be appreciated if you could take the time to reword anything that already contains an impersonal "you". Thank you.

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