The Call of Duty Wiki Newsletter has been retired

The Call of Duty Wiki Newsletter is a monthly talk page message that recaps all that happened on the wiki within the last month that doesn't expressly have to do with the Call of Duty games. It is sent only to those signed up for it. It is sent out on the 1st of each month.

If you would like to suggest changes or additions to the newsletter, such as adding a user's birthday or other significant community event, please do so on the talk page.


Simply add your username to this list and you will receive the next monthly newsletter.

  1. User talk:Joe Copp
  2. User talk:KATANAGOD
  3. User talk:AndImBatman
  4. User talk:Deathmanstratos
  5. User talk:Capt. Miller
  6. User talk:Delije Sever 1989
  7. User talk:AntiScootaTwo
  8. User talk:Callofduty4
  9. User talk:Geekius Maximus
  10. User talk:Slowrider7
  11. User talk:PsyNagaiki
  12. User talk:LawL4Ever
  13. User talk:DremYolLok
  14. User talk:Legos-Rule-15
  15. User talk:Lord Vehk
  16. User talk:Higaboi21
  17. User talk:Soap Shadow
  18. User talk:RainingPain17

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