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For a similarly named weapon, see M249 SAW.
Chain SAW Menu Icon CoDG
Chain SAW

34-24 (MP)

Damage Multipliers

x1.4 Head

Weapon Class

Light Machine Gun

Magazine Size

100 rounds (SP & Extinction)
80 rounds (MP) (120 w/ Extended Mags)

Starting Ammunition

80+80 (MP)
100+100 (Extinction)

Maximum Ammunition

100+400 (SP & Extinction)
80+240 (MP)

Rate of Fire

857 RPM (1008 w/ Rapid Fire)

Range (explanation)

Chain SAW range CoDG

Fire Mode


Cost (Extinction)$3000
Squad Points9
"Fully automatic. Hip fire only with increased accuracy from attached Laser Sight. Recoil stabilizes with sustained fire."
— Description.

The Chain SAW, or KAC ChainSAW as called in the game files, is a light machine gun that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It is a hip-fire only weapon with an attached Laser Sight. While the player cannot "aim down the sights" of the weapon, they can use the ADS button to steady their aim and make the gun more accurate over longer distances, though this action turns off the laser sight.


The Chain SAW appears only once in the campaign, at the start of the mission "The Ghost Killer", next to one of the dead soldiers. It is not equipped with a Laser Sight, unlike its multiplayer counterpart.


The Chain SAW appears as an LMG in Multiplayer. It has the highest cost of any LMG, at 9 points. It has an integrated laser sight that tightens hipfire spread. While one cannot traditionally aim down sight with this weapon, the ADS button tightens the spread further to allow for accurate shooting at longer ranges. Using Steady Aim will tighten this spread even further, making the Chain SAW an even more accurate hipfire weapon than SMGs.

The Chain SAW is not well tailored towards long-range engagements, due to its hipfire-only nature. It has the lowest range in the LMG class and has one of the lowest long range damages, dropping off to a 5 shot kill at its periphery. Additionally, it has the lowest magazine size in its class at only 80 rounds while having the the fastest rate of fire, meaning that ammo will be used very quickly without the use of Scavenger or Fully Loaded. Like other LMGs it has a very slow reload time, so Sleight of Hand is always a good choice. An effective setup with the Chain SAW utilizes Muzzle Brake to increase its lower range coupled with Steady Aim to increase its already very accurate hipfire accuracy. Extended Mags can be useful to mitigate its low magazine size, while Rapid Fire is a good choice on smaller maps where its very high fire rate will outclass other slower firing weapons.

Interestingly, the Chain SAW has +45% recoil over its first 6 shots fired. While this may not be as noticeable because it is hipfire-only, firing full auto over longer distances rather than in bursts will help to stay on target easier.

When wielding the Chain SAW movement speed is reduced to only 90% as opposed to 80% for all other LMGs. This allows the player to be more mobile as the weapon's characteristics benefit such. Also, movement speed when ADS with the Chain SAW is 4% higher as opposed to all other LMGs.




Under BarrelEdit



The Chain SAW appears in Safeguard mode with a Flash Suppressor; it can be obtained from support drop crates during later waves. The weapon may seem a bit weak when acquired for the first time, but after upgrading a few times it becomes an extremely effective weapon, notably due to the high rate of fire and easy handling compared to the M27-IAR.


The Chain SAW is available in Extinction for $3000. Like its campaign counterpart, it does not come with a built-in Laser Sight.

It has the second highest magazine capacity in both maps, only beat by the M27-IAR in Point of Contact and the LSAT in Nightfall. Compared to its counterparts, the other Light Machine Guns might be better choices, especially the M27-IAR with its very fast reload speed (for a Light Machine Gun). Besides that, it cannot aim down the sights, while the other two can. It can only zoom in some.




  • The Chain SAW's in-game model features a unique integral grenade launcher that is unusable. Equipping the grenade launcher attachment will change the launcher model to an FN 40GL.
  • When viewed in Create-a-Soldier, the selected soldier holds the weapon as though it had a pistol grip, rather than by its actual one.
  • Even though the Chain SAW is hip-fire only, there are rails mounted on the gun to fit opticals. There are rails mounted in front of and behind the handle which is only viewable in first-person, whilst a barrel-mounted rail can also be seen.
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