The Cheat Code Menu is a small interface that is inside the Data Vault in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III campaign's Safe House.

How to Access Edit

To gain access to the menu the player must go to the Data Vault then hover over the Coalescence Corporation logo in the top left corner and hold RT and then press X and Y if it's on Xbox One. For PS4, it is R2 and then press Square and Triangle. This will open the menu.

Available Codes Edit

For now, the codes that have been found are:

Dreamland Edit

Unlocks Nightmares without beating Campaign. Since January 2016, the code is not useable since it is unlocked by default for all players.


Grants 100 Fabrication Kits. You may receive less than 100 due to levelling up before using the code. Code will only work once.