Ryan Jackson: Special Agent Ryan Jackson, Office of the Inspector General, case number 290184, January 8th, 1990. I've spent the better part of my career at the Agency studying the lives of these men, first under former AD/SAD Richard Kain and again, now, with OIG. Mason. Woods. Hudson. Dragovich. Nova. Kennedy. Angola. Nicaragua. And now, thanks to recent events in Panama, the Senate sub-committee wants answers. (sigh) April 29th, 1975. Division Operation: Checking Out. 1 day before the fall of Saigon. Frank Woods and Jason Hudson were sent in under the cover of Operation Frequent Wind, the largest helicopter evacuation in history. Their real mission: Recover or destroy the series of Agency cipher machines known as the Parable System. The KGB had coveted Parable for years - and the NVA knew that handing it over would buy a lot of favour and support from the Kremlin. And when it came to Vietnam, no one knew that hell hole better than Frank Woods...


Hudson: The curtain is falling fast. Time to sterilize the place.

Woods: Extracting the coding systems now.

Woods is in a building, examining a parable machine. He hears and sees an NVA soldier outside.

Hudson: Looks bad out there, Woods. The NVA is all over you.

He closes the parable machine and places C4 on top of it.

Woods: Ah, fuck it!

An NVA soldier fires an RPG at Woods through a window. The blast knocks him on his back. The NVA soldiers enter the room, but the C4 on the parable machine detonates, killing one of them. Woods gets up and shoots the other.

Hudson: Woods, you're surrounded! There are two more machines in the area. We can't let them fall into enemy hands.

Woods: Keep your pants on...

Woods breaches through a door with C4 and clears the room.

Woods: ...they'll never touch 'em.

He continues through the house and reaches the street.

Hudson: More headed your way.

He fights through the streets and reaches the first building.

Hudson: Keep going.

He clears the area and places a bomb on the parable machine.

Woods: Burning the second one.

The bomb detonates.

Woods: Moving to next objective.

Woods fights through the next yard and approaches the next building.

Hudson: You're almost there, Woods.

He goes upstairs and finds the next parable machine.

Woods: Last one.

He places a bomb on the parable machine.

Hudson: Woods! Incoming!

2 NVA soldiers breach through a door and attempt to shoot Woods. Woods kills them and jumps over the balcony to the ground, just as the bomb detonates and destroys the parable machine.

Woods: All Parable machines have been put to bed.

Hudson: Extraction en route, ETA 3 minutes.

Woods: I was just getting used to the place.