Chop Shop
Chop Shop Environment AW
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Atlas White on Black Logo Atlas Corporation vs Sentinel Task Force Sentinel Task Force logo AW
Campaign Map
Elements of Bio Lab
Chop Shop Map Layout AW
"Discover the seedy underbelly of the unauthorized exoekeleton trade in Chop Shop, a medium-sized industrial complex with a devastating map-based scorestreak: the Advanced Repulsion Turret."
— Official Description.

Chop Shop is a map in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that was released in the Ascendance DLC. It pits players in a black market Exoskeleton factory.

Map DynamicsEdit

  • The map-based scorestreak is that players will gain activation to an Advanced Repulsion Turret that is described as "a deadly microwave EMP".  



Trivia Edit

  • On the Atlas spawn, there is an armory that has the Chicken and Waffles XMG, the M-Coil EM1, the Jab Tac-19, and a crimison-coloured Minigun scattered across the room.

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