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Claymore Experts
Claymore Expert MW3
Appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Weapon PM-9
Equipment Claymore

Claymore Experts are enemies found in the Survival Mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


They appear on Tier 1 maps at wave 22 and on Tier 2 maps at wave 25. On Tier 3 maps they appear at wave 9, shortly before the second juggernaut wave in which they will plant several Claymores. They also appear on Tier 4 maps at wave 17. They place claymores around the map. When they assault the player, they are usually reckless. Unlike other enemies, they have the ability to plant Claymores but do not appear to be able to throw grenades, and are armed with a PM-9. The Claymores can be seen by the player(s), and do relatively little damage, where one claymore will only stun the player, but should the player hit another one soon after, they will likely be downed. They grant the player $150 upon death. Enemy Claymores are sometimes placed in plain sight of the player, in spots that a claymore would be very much impractical.

Enemy Claymores are usually set down by armories and nearby the player's location. Also, they have a particularly large range compared to their multiplayer counterparts and unlike the Claymores the player can plant, the Claymore Experts' Claymores have a 360 degree blast radius, but there is significantly less damage dealt from behind the claymore than from the front.


  • Claymore Experts have an unlimited amount of claymores, although they only plant them when they aren't under fire.

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