Cole Standing MW3 DS
Appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance
Rank Sergeant
Affiliations S.F.S.G.
Status K.I.A.
Birth Unknown
Sex Male
Death Hoover Dam
Voice Actor Unknown
For the character in Call of Duty 3, see Cole.
"Whew... Better make this quick then..."
— Cole, after finding out the Russians intend to comprimise the dam with explosives.

Sergeant Cole is a British S.F.S.G. troop who appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance. He assisted in the breaching of Hoover Dam to prevent Russian forces from compromising its interior. They failed and the second generator was destroyed.


Breaching Hoover DamEdit

Although Cole is not mentioned or seen physically during the mission "Dam Approach", it is likely he assisted the breaching of the dam off screen. Soon after the elimination of most of the exterior defences, he and Capt. Hughes are mobilized along with Sgt. Noyce to protect the interior of the dam.

Interior and deathEdit

In the mission "Lights Out", Cole and his allies mobilize and breach the interior of Hoover Dam. Inside they encounter numerous Russian soldiers. Inside the dam's first generator rooms, an explosive charge is found. He and Noyce disarm it and the group proceeds deeper to find the second generator room.

In the second generator room the team eliminate the remaining troops in the interior and proceed to disarm another charge. As the group approaches the charge, Cole notices something does not seem to be right with it and he warns the group of this. Hughes, rushing the operation, ignores this and orders him and Noyce to disarm it. As Noyce proceeds to disarm it, Cole objects, but before he can finish his objection the charge explodes destroying the generator room.