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Content Packs are a feature available with Call of Duty ELITE premium subscription. Starting from January 2012, DLC is available every month in free (paid with subscription) downloadable packs. There are set to be nine content packs, ending in September for Xbox live players with a total of 22 drops: 17 maps, 7 missions and (as of now) 1 classified drop; Plus an extra drop of the Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal, though it is not part of the main calendar and is free to all players. The packs contain multiplayer maps, Special Ops missions or Classified content.

Content PacksEdit

A Content Calendar [1] was released by Activision to outline all the content being given through the packs.

Content Pack 1 (January)Edit

Content Pack 2 (February)Edit

Content Pack 3 (March)Edit

Content Pack 4 (April)Edit

Content Pack 5 (May)Edit

Content Pack 6 (June)Edit

Content Pack 7 (July)Edit

Content Pack 8 (August)Edit

Content Pack 9 (September)Edit

Content CollectionsEdit

Players who did not subscribe to the Call of Duty Elite Premium Membership had to wait for Content Collections to come out to download the new content.

List of Content CollectionsEdit

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