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Codghostsicon Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction icon

"It sucks up bio-electric energy, stores it like a psychic battery, then detonates like a neutron bomb."
— Godfather describing how the Cortex works.
The Cortex CoDG
Appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
Affiliations Ancestors (formerly)
Nightfall Program (formerly)
David Archer (formerly)
Samantha Cross (formerly)
Rapid Reaction Force - CIF Team 1
Status Unknown
Timeline Extinction Timeline
Level Nightfall (mentioned only)
The Cortex or Medusa Device is a weapon in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It is seen in the Extinction maps Awakening, Exodus, and was also mentioned in intel in Nightfall


According to Intel from Awakening, the Cortex is a tissue sample collected from the brain of an Ancestor. After scanning many obelisks, the player will arrive in the room with the Ancestors and Archer. Archer is holding the Cortex. The players are instructed by Cross to kill Cryptids around these terminals in the room, as the Cortex gets power from the deaths of living organisms, so that a meltdown can be activated. After killing so many, the players will have to activate the Cortex. After the terminals have been filled, the players must grab the Cortex and leave. The players will have to stop at certain checkpoints to drop the Cortex and fill it up again before activating it to disable three forcefields. After destroying the third and final one, the players can run to the exfil point and end the game.


In Exodus, Samantha Cross will task the players to defend it while fighting the Cryptids and Ancestors. Eventually, it can be activated to kill the Cryptids nearby. It allowed Cross and the other members on the rocket to escape to the Exodus Space Station.


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