Crucifix Hill

Eliendorf Ridge, Germany

September 14th, 1944

0610 Hours

(Roland, Kelly, now promoted to Sergeant, and Smith are making their way across a river towards the German-held Eliendorf Ridge, dubbed Crucifix Hill, with several other members of their company in canvas rafts as enemy fire rain down into the water around them. They are nearly to the opposite shore as one round lands dangerous close, unnerving Smith.)

Smith: This canvas raft ain't gonna make it!

Kelly: What'd you expect? A battleship? Keep paddling!

Squad Leader: If you don't have an oar, use your rifle butt! Just paddle!

(Kelly starts using the rifle butt of his M1 Carbine to paddle with Smith, before a raft next to them takes a near-hit and flips over, sending the soldiers inside into the air before they splash back down into the water. The near-hit rocks the raft Smith, Kelly, and Roland are in.)

Kelly: That could have been us! Paddle, Schmitty, paddle!

Smith: The Lord is my Shepherd...The Lord is my Shepherd...

(Smith keeps repeating that over and over as another raft suffers the same fate and their squad leader notices the current is causing them to drift a little bit from where they are to land.)

Squad Leader: We're drifting wide! Paddle right!

Smith: The Lord is my Shepherd...The Lord is my Shepherd...

(Smith finally stops when they make it to the shore, beach their raft, and Smith quickly ditches his oar, grabs his M1 Carbine, and disembarks with Kelly and their commanding officers as they move up to the road just a few feet from their landing area.)

Squad Leader: Move up the road and watch that fire from the cemetery!

(Seconds later, a familiar sound Kelly recognizes from North Africa is heard before their squad leader and his wingman are killed by an artillery rocket.)

Kelly: Screaming Mimis!

(The Germans have opened fire with their Nebelwerfer 41s in an attempt to protect the ridge and Crucifix Hill from the American forces.)

Kelly: Move up the road!

(After eliminating a squad of Wehrmacht infantry up ahead, the squad meets up with an armor column of M4 Sherman tanks.)

Smith: Shermans! Let's follow them!

(One tank remains behind to cover the rear while the other two advance until reaching a fork in the road with one path blocked by burning debris. However, all three are destroyed by the Nebelwerfers, forcing Kelly, Smith and Roland to take another route.)

Kelly: We have to find another way! Follow me!

(The squad make their way down the other path and soon arrive at the cemetery, already being attacked by fellow 1st Infantry members, but the Wehrmacht inside are putting up a fierce resistance.)