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"Magnetic mine that releases a supercoolant cloud, hindering movement systems."
— In-game description
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Cryo Mine
Weapon Class

Tactical Grenade



Starting Ammunition

1 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

2 (MP)

The Cryo Mine is a tactical equipment featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare that is unlocked by default. It operates similarly to a Trip Mine and explodes when an enemy is nearby, slowing down all players effected within the blast radius.

The Cryo Mine is thrown and is adhesive to all surfaces. When under the effects of the Cryo Mine, a player will be unable to sprint, jump or move at normal pace. They will be able to turn, however, so it is ill advised to use the Cryo Mine as a Blackout Grenade replacement. A player under the effect of a Cryo Mine will have their screen shown with signs of frost and freeze.

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