Throwing Knife menu icon MW3 The subject matter of this article was cut from the final version of a Call of Duty game.

During development of Call of Duty games many things are cut during the process of development. These changes can range from weapons and characters to entire campaign missions and features.


  • The PPS-43 was originally slated to be in the game but was dropped. The only things remained are a Create-a-Class image and animations and unlike the other cut weapons, it lacks a HUD icon, which suggests that it was dropped in an early stage of development.



  • A vehicle perk called Magic Wrench was cut. It has a perk icon and its console codename is "magic_wrench".

Multiplayer killstreaksEdit

Originally there were intended to be a total of four killstreaks as opposed to three. The fourth killstreak would have been the largest, and would have been achieved after gaining dogs. The amount of kills required to obtain the fourth killstreak remains unknown.

  • B-17 Flying Fortress . For the U.S. Marine Raiders, the B-17 would have been the fourth kill streak able to be obtained.
  • Katyusha Rocket Launcher. For the Red Army, vehicle-based Katyusha Rockets (visible in many missions) would have been obtainable.
  • Kamikaze. Kamikazes would have been obtainable as the fourth killstreak for the Japanese.
  • Carpet Bomber. For the Germans, the fourth killstreak would have been bombers, perhaps Fw 200 Condors (as seen in the pilot mission of the Russian campaign).


Cut LevelsEdit

Final LevelsEdit

  • Semper Fi
    • According to several sound files of the mission, there was supposed to be another POW who would have been rescued with Miller.
    • In the Wii instruction booklet, the player can see a screenshot from the pause menu, and the objective is to secure the village. This might have been the original objective.
  • Hard Landing
    • This mission was originally going to take place at night, as shown by the scene in the official launch trailer.
  • Black Cats
    • Originally, there was radar and plane parts health indicators.
  • Blowtorch & Corkscrew
    • At the top of the final bunker, there's a mortar that is glowing yellow, like the satchel. This could mean some of this mission was cut off.


  • Verrückt
    • If the player uses the noclip console command and flies above the power room, there is a floating sign with a zombie on it.
    • Via noclipping, a mounted MG42 can be found in the fountain. It is usable, though it has no practical use.
    • Outside of the barrier with the unlockable room with the deployable BAR in it, there are rows of usable MGs under the ground. These include the BAR, FG42, MG42, and the Browning M1919, and these can only be seen using noclip.
  • Shi No Numa
    • As seen in the trailer, zombies had red glowing eyes instead of their yellow glowing eyes.
  • Der Riese
    • When using noclip, one can see a teddy bear floating in a blank hallway near the Double Barrel Shotgun.

Cut Zombie Enemies Edit

  • Hellhounds were originally supposed to appear in Verruckt.

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