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Cyber Cores are a set of cybernetically-implanted offensive abilities usable as equipment in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, in the campaign and Nightmares mode. Much like Specialist abilities and weapons, there is a cooldown between uses of cyber cores. There are three skill trees worth of Cyber Cores available to the player. Each type has a total of six abilities, along with one passive melee ability.

When the player has reached level 20, the max level, they get to switch between all three cores whenever they want while in a mission.

Core TreesEdit


Focusing mostly on electronic and robotic enemies, this tree is useful for missions that have heavy robot opposition, such as the beginning of Life or the latter half of Hypocenter. It has limited use against human enemies, but can still be effective.


This tree includes a variety of abilities to cause havoc among groups of enemies, especially on humans. However, it's still a good tree to use, especially when fully upgraded.


A melee-focused tree that involves getting up close and personal with enemies to do serious damage. It also comes with a few diversion abilities to make sure the player survives.

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