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Weapon Class Shotgun
Magazine Size 12 rounds
Unlocked Level 29 (MP)
Level 30 (ZM)
Starting Ammunition 12+24 (MP)
Maximum Ammunition 12+72 (MP)
Fire Mode Automatic
Used by Settlement Defense Front
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"Full-auto energy shotgun. Rapid fire capability is supported by a high-capacity power cell."
— In-game description

The DCM-8 is an energy fully-automatic shotgun featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


When all side missions are completed, the DCM-8 unlocks the Advanced DCM-8 upgrade, which tightens the pellet spread.

The upgrade appears in the game's multiplayer as the Epic gun perk Focus Fire.


  • Weapon Type - Shotgun
  • Bullet Type - Energy
  • Special Features - None

Multiplayer Edit

The DCM-8 is unlocked at level 29. It is the third shotgun unlocked. It features the integrated High-Capacity Power Cell attachment, which allows the DCM-8 to have a fully automatic fire rate.

The DCM-8 features an integrated Reflex Sight, containing a custom yellow dipper reticle.

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Name Rarity Gun Perks Cost (Salvage) Notes
Overdraft Common Stockpile 200
Even Keel Common Stability 200 Formerly exclusively unlocked via a supply drop.[1]
Contingency Rare Deathbringer, Sharpshooter 500
Purifier Legendary Nuclear, Readiness 2000
Masochist Epic Lifelink, Steady 4000
Epitaph Epic Focus Fire, Stability 4000

Zombies Edit

The DCM-8 is available from the Magic Wheel for 950 points. It is available for customization at level 30.

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  • The name is a play on the word "decimate".

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