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"Overlord, Dagger Two-Two is hit and going down."
Sgt. Foley to Overlord after Dagger Two-Two is shot down in "Of Their Own Accord"
Appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Affiliations U.S Army Rangers
Status Destroyed
Killed By Ultranationalists
Level Of Their Own Accord

Dagger-Two-Two was the callsign for a Navy Seal MH-6 Little Bird. It was seen in "Of Their Own Accord" with Dagger-Two-One and Dagger Two-Three who regrouped with Hunter Two-One on the roof of the Department of Commerce. It was one of the helicopters going to bring reinforcements to help the Washington Monument Evacuation Site. However, before landing, it was destroyed by a SAM site located at the World War Two Memorial and crashed near the Monument. Sgt. Foley's Black Hawk was shot but still in the sky, but SAM sites eventually took the Black Hawk down.

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