• "Don't you morons get it?"
  • "If you think your government-sponsored brutality intimidates me, you clearly don't know anything about Dragovich."
  • "I have nothing to gain by talking to you."
  • "I'm already a dead man. I've been hunted across every corner of the globe."
  • "Dragovich doesn't like loose ends. I've never even dealt with him directly. Only Steiner---The German".
  • "I was hired to help stabalize certain "volatile compounds"."
  • "Nova 6. A biochemical weapon."
  • "You led them right to me!"
  • "Gunfire's ruptured the canisters!"
  • "There's a hatch in the ceiling. This way! Hurry!"
  • "You're lucky. Direct exposure is always fatal."
  • "We jump!!"
  • "Grab what you need. They'll be here before you know it."
  • "Here, help me move this."
  • Just because I accept the inevitability of my fate, does not mean I am in any hurry to embrace it!"
  • "I've prepared for this. Quickly, down the stairs!"
  • "I told you about Nova 6".
  • "His home turf - The Ural mountains. Yamantau. That's where you'll find his final preparations for Project Nova."
  • "Steiner talked with Dragovich about numbers."
  • "The kind that there plan relies on!"
  • "Shit! They've sent in a clean-up crew to steal what's left of my research. Well, no thank-you, Dragovich! I can clean up my own mess!"
  • "Either of you two low on ammo? We still have a ways to go."
  • "And if you found me, so will they. They know everything you know. They're probably on their way, now."
  • "Not far now!"
  • "Weapons and ammo. Grab what you need."
  • "Watch my back!"
  • "Balcony on the left!"
  • "I need to unlock this door! Cover me while I get this door open! Okay...It's been a while...."
  • "It's the damnest thing!"
  • "54...23...what is it? 5...11...19...45?"
  • "Of course...Lucky 7!"
  • "Come on!"
  • "Just one more leap of faith!"
  • "RARHHHH!"
  • "AHHHH! I'm slipping!"
  • "Oh yes! The numbers. They're the key to...."

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