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Dead Again is one of the Easter Egg songs for the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies map Der Eisendrache. The song was written by Kevin Sherwood and performed by Elena Siegman.

It can be activated by holding down the action button on three Teddy Bears located around the map, their locations are:

  • In Samantha's bedroom, sitting on a chair.
  • In a cell close to Juggernog, sitting on a crate.
  • By the rocket launch pad, in the passenger seat of one of the trucks.

After it has been activated once, it can be played in the Data Vault.


A Wolf is at my door 

I feel it

I see it in my dreams

A world of my design

A forced enlightening reveals it

I found a life that I malign

And I feel it

I feel so strange

Like I'm everywhere

And that no one was there

We only want to live forever

Repeat serial suicide

You can't find you and hide

Am I dead

Is it all over

There is no pain here

You lead and I'll follow

My tree of life is hollow

The tide has turned into rain

Beneath a waning light I see it

A creeping shadow spire

Will bleed into the sky

Cartoid tightening conceals this


These moments freeze and fall away

From duality

I hear my name

In a voice like mine that I hear in my mind

The time has come to leave for never

I peel the fabric back and see me hide

I can't hide from I and hide from me

Am I dead

Is it all over

Where is my pain now

In my head it draws me closer

Will it know my name

I feel it again and again I feel it

I feel it when it's closing

My eyes I feel it

I see it again and again in my mind

I see it

When I look at the sky

And I am

Alive again

I'm alive

I feel the pain now

I'm really here

I'm alive now

I'm alive now

I'm alive I'm alive

Now I die



Are we dead

Is it all over



Where is the pain now

You lead and we'll follow

Our tree of life is hollow

The tide has turned into rain

Are we dead

Did we cross over

What is our name now

Are we dead now

Are we dead now

Are we dead again

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