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Dead in Ten
Previous level Missile Away
Game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS)
Character Corporal Zach Parker
Team United States Marines
Place Unknown
Date 1400 hrs. Day 6, 2011
Objective Escape with the nuke
Find a vehicle to escape in
Protect Sgt. Reid and the suitcase nuke. Retrieve the detonator.
Enemies Russian Ultranationalists
Multiplayer map None
"Protect Pvt. Ackrich."
— Mission Objective

Dead in Ten! is the twelfth and final campaign mission in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS).



Having secured the nuke, the team must now escape the base. Zach, Ackrich, and an unknown driver get into a humvee and drive out through a garage along with the rest of the team. Parker man's the mounted .50 cal. After a breif car chase in the humvee, an OpFor transport ram's into Parker's humvee and makes it drive into a tall fence. With the driver dead and the humvee totaled, Parker and Achrich begin to fight through groups of enemies in a train yard, where they will hopefully find another vehicle, as the rest of the team is being overwhelmed and says they won't be able to hold them off without their backup. The player must keep their partner, Pvt. Ackrich, alive, or the player will fail the mission, as he is carrying a suitcase housing the nuke. Once the player has gotten past the final wave and has gotten into an MG Truck, the player must now drive off with Ackrich. Upon reaching a bridge with an SAS transport, and the surviving pinned down members of the team, the bridge will suddenly break off. Parker, Ackrich, and the team are forced to hold off waves of OpFor for two minutes on the destroyed bridge before an attack chopper comes and picks the player up. Note that even when the chopper has come, the player can still fail the mission as the chopper only takes out the vehicles, leaving the OpFor able to shoot the player. The player then boards the helicopter, ending the game.

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting Loadout