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I've always want more and I'm aiming higher! My crosshair's stable even when I fire! I'm not breathing hard and I don't perspire! You don't stand a chance when you're target acquired! I got you in my sights, I'll penetrate your life, I think that you were fine, but there's no where you can hide! A part of you is deadly, my eyes are heavy steady, but I hope that you are ready for Deadeye Dewdrops! Deadeye Dewdrops! Deadeye Dewdrops!
— Deadeye Dewdrops Jingle
Deadeye Dewdrops
Games of appearance Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Maps of appearance Shaolin Shuffle
Attack of the Radioactive Thing
Cost 1500
Jingle genre Punk Rock
"Improve your game with deadly aim!"
— Deadeye Dewdrops candy machine text

Deadeye Dewdrops is a Candy Perk which was introduced in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map Shaolin Shuffle. It functions similarly to Deadshot Daiquiri from Treyarch's Zombies.

Overview Edit

Deadeye Dewdrops replaces Slappy Taffy from the previous maps. Like Deadshot Daiquiri, it allows the player to auto-aim directly onto a zombie's head. Unlike Deadshot Daiquiri however, the perk gives another ability which allows the player's weapon to deal higher damage the longer the player aims down their sights.

Locations Edit

Navigation Edit

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