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Death Cards are playing cards found throughout Call of Duty: World at War. They are attached to helmets and placed on top of vertical rifles, and are often found near fallen enemies who have not been killed during the level. Death Cards are similar to Intel found in other Call of Duty titles. They each unlock a special ability in co-op play. They can only be used in private matches.

Locations Edit


Mission: "Semper Fi" (Eight of Hearts)

Effect: Headshots cause enemies to explode

Location: At the very beginning after leaving the shack, you will see another shack to the right. The card is inside straight forward.

Hard HeadedEdit

Mission: "Little Resistance" (Four of Clubs)

Effect: Enemies take less bullet damage

Location: At the end of the mission before going into the last building, look to the right. The card is in a corner of bushes.

Suicide KingEdit

Mission: "Hard Landing" (King of Hearts)

Effect: Shoot explosive pistol rounds while downed.

Location: About halfway through the mission you will see a big building with a mini-trench outside (The one that looks like Nacht der Untoten). Enter the building, and go into the lower level. The card is to the right when you go into the room with the stairs.

Trivia: This gun is also known as the Holy pistol.

Cold Dead HandsEdit

Mission: "Vendetta" (Five of Diamonds)

Effect: Enemies never drop weapon when killed.

Location: Before the sniper section at the first part of the mission, Reznov will lead you through a building. Follow the bar around to the end to find the card.

Sticks & StonesEdit

Mission: "Their Land, Their Blood" (Joker)

Effect: Your weapon arsenal consists of nothing but a knife and grenades

Location: Destroy the tanks, and go through the barn. Search the stalls to your right to find the card, it's next to a dead soldier and Cow.


Mission: "Burn 'em Out" (Queen of Hearts)

Effect: Can only recharge your health by getting kills

Location: Just before the second mortar position is a bunker to the left. The card is inside.

Flak JacketEdit

Mission: "Relentless" (Nine of Diamonds)

Effect: Enemies take less explosive damage

Location: At the end of the mission, take either the left or right path. Eventually the paths will reconnect in a room. Take either the left or right path from there, until a small pathway connects the two paths. The card is in that path.

Body ArmorEdit

Mission: "Ring of Steel" (Jack of Spades)

Effect: Enemies die by headshots only

Location: Enter the courtyard, then immediately go to the left. The card is in the far bottom left corner.

Note: Combine this with Thunder and every enemy you kill will explode.

Undead SoldierEdit

Mission: "Eviction" (Ace of Spades)

Effect: Enemies will have a dead and decayed appearance.

Location: During the first half of the mission, just after the kitchen area, you will eventually see a room to your right that has a large hole in it. Drop down to find the card. If you are in a room with toilets, you are in the right room. If you are out in the corridor or on the stairs, you have gone too far.


Mission: "Blowtorch & Corkscrew" (Ten of Clubs)

Effect: Shoot downed Co-op teammates to revive them if they die.

Location: Go to the left as you move toward the second bunker. A Japanese soldier hanging upside down is near the card.


Mission: "Breaking Point" (Three of Diamonds)

Effect: Get three kills in five seconds to become Berserk

Location: Clear all four mortar pits, then go to the small shack in the south of this area. The card is inside.

Trivia: When berserk, the player is invincible for the short time berserker lasts, but only a knife can be used while in it.


Mission: "Heart of the Reich" (Six of Clubs)

Effect: All weapons fire paintballs instead of bullets.

Location: The card is in the closed-off subway entrance on the left side of the street at the start of the mission.


Mission: "Downfall" (Two of Spades)

Effect: Limits your HUD, turns on friendly fire, and bleed out in half the time

Location: Before you get to the theater, some of your allies will break through a door to your right. The card is past that door.






  • There are no Death Cards on the Wii version.
  • There is no card with the number seven; instead, there is a joker.
  • Near every Death Card there is a dead enemy right beside it. The level "Vendetta" is the only exception, where the corpse is of a Soviet soldier instead.
  • The death cards rest upon the standard issue rifle of the campaign's enemy which means look for the Arisaka in the American campaign and the Kar98k in the Soviet campaign.
  • When playing Sticks and Stones, the player will not use a gun, but can be seen using a Tokarev TT-33 in third person.

Video Tutorial Edit

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