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Aleksandr Sokolov and Tanya Pavelovna move up through the sewers of Stalingrad.

Sokolov: Tanya, hurry. The tractor factory is just ahead.

They exit and enter a trench.

Sokolov: Incoming mortars! Keep your head down!

While crouching, the two move through the trenches and reach the tractor factory on the other side. Sergei Konstantinov greets them.

Konstantinov: Good, you made it. We need a sniper right now. The Germans are preparing another assault on the factory. We need to hold them off until the tank crew arrives.

Sokolov: Up here! The Germans are coming!

Pavelovna goes upstairs to the window and begins sniping the incoming Germans.

Sokolov: Don't let those panzerschreck rockets blow in the factory doors!

She continues sniping. Whenever the Germans begin putting machine guns up.

Sokolov: Shoot the machine gunners before they can get their guns assembled!; More gunners!; There's another group of gunners!

Whenever the Germans set up machine guns to the left.

Sokolov: Tanya! Germans on the left!

Whenever the Germans set up machine guns to the right.

Sokolov: Machine gun on the right!

Whenever German panzershrecks fire on the factory's left door.

Sokolov: Panzerschrecks to the left! Tanya, take them out!; More panzerschrecks to the left!

Whenever German panzerschrecks fire on the right door.

Sokolov: They're coming from the right side!;  More panzerschrecks to the right!; Panzerschrecks coming from the right!

Pavelovna snipes the Germans for nine minutes. Eventually, a panzer rolls up.

Sokolov: Enemy tank! Panzer four! Get back from the windows!

She moves from the window.

Sokolov: Tanya! The commissar needs us on the ground floor!

They go back to the ground floor to Konstantinov.

Konstantinov: The tank crew is back. Covering fire!

Pavelovna covers the tank crew on the opposite street as they cross the street. They cross, but Fyodor Belinki is wounded.

Badanov: Get a medical kit and help this man!

Pavelovna treats Belinki's wounds.

Belinki: Thank you, ma'am, I feel much better now.

Badanov: Get on the tank, we're moving out.

The crew, including Sokolov and Pavelovna, get on the tank and begin moving out.

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