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"--hear you badger zero-one! We are approaching the Havoc launcher position! Sending you vidlink coordinates now!"
— Demo Leader to Cormack in "Induction"
Demo Team One
Leader(s) Demo Leader (K.I.A.)
Appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Country United States of America
Type Demolitions Team
Engagements Second Korean War
Level Induction
Announcer {{{announcer}}}

Demo Team One was the callsign for a demolitions team in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. They appeared in "Induction", and were going to be given support by Badger Zero-One. They were going to destroy an enemy Havoc Launcher, however they are all killed before this help can be received. However, their explosive pack still remained and Will Irons and Mitchell retrieve it and complete the task by destroying the Havoc Launcher. However, Will is killed by the explosion and Mitchell's left arm was served by a piece of shrapnel.

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