Diego Almagro
Diego Almagro Legends Never Die CoDG
Almagro about to punch Elias
Appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
Rank General
Affiliations Federation
Nationality Venezuelan
Status K.I.A.
Killed By Elias Walker with a P226
Sex Male
Height 6' 4" (1.93 m)
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Race Latino
Death July 8th, 2015
Caracas, Venezuela
Weapon P226
Timeline Ghosts Timeline
Level Legends Never Die

General Diego Almagro was the secondary antagonist in Call of Duty: Ghosts. He was the original leader of the Federation, during its formative years twelve years prior to the events of the game.

After General Almagro ordered the extermination or imprisonment of all U.S.-born individuals in territories conquered by the Federation, the Ghosts' leader Captain Gabriel Rorke convinced the U.S. leadership to send the Ghosts into Venezuela to assassinate Almagro, in the hopes that this would lead to the collapse of the Federation. The Ghosts were successful in killing Almagro, but his death failed to halt the expansion of the Federation into a global superpower.

Additionally, then-Lieutenant Elias Walker was forced to abandon Rorke during the mission, resulting in him being captured by the Federation and converted, through Amazonian torture techniques, into a Federation field commander and the most dangerous threat the Ghosts have ever faced.