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"Deployable electromagnetic dome that blocks projectiles."
— In-game description
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Dome Shield
Weapon Class



Level 20

Starting Ammunition

1 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

2 (MP)

The Dome Shield is a tactical equipment featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It is unlocked at level 20.

Multiplayer Edit

The Dome Shield when deployed, forms a protective dome around the player. The Shield will reflect all projectiles harmlessly, and soak bullet damage as well. After a certain amount of damage is applied to the Shield, the Shield will be destroyed. Damaging the Shield applicator inside the shield will instantly destroy the equipment.

Players can willingly exit or enter the Shield, friendly or not, without damage. When inside the Shield, bullets and projectiles operate as normal.

The Dome Shield excels at defending against players on objective points, and can also be used in high-traffic areas as a temporary obstacle for projectiles and bullets or as a temporary ricochet surface for throwing grenades upon to bounce into a high traffic area.

Gallery Edit

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