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For the story, see Devil's Breath. 
For a similar attachment, see H.E A.P Incendiaries.

The Dragon's Breath, also referred to as Incendiaries, is a type of ammunition exclusive to the SPAS-12 only found in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It was removed from Call of Duty Online.

Call of Duty: Black OpsEdit

SPAS-12 menu icon BO
Dragon's Breath
Damage 200 x16 (3200) (SP)
Magazine Size 8 rounds
Maximum Ammunition 8+80 (SP)
8+48 (MP via console commands)
Rate of Fire 312 RPM
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic
Used by Alex Mason
HUD icon SPAS-12 HUD icon BO


The Dragon's Breath is only available in the Campaign level "The Defector". The differences to the normal SPAS-12 include the usage of incendiary rounds which will burn enemies struck with the rounds. The attachment makes the weapon extremely powerful, only needing one shot to hit an enemy to kill, even at its maximum range; additionally, it fires 16 pellets per shell instead of the usual 8. Killing ten NVA soldiers during "The Defector" with the Dragon's Breath will earn the "The Dragon Within" achievement/trophy for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Multiplayer Edit

Although not available for use in multiplayer via normal means, the effects of the Dragon's Breath against enemy players are similar in combination with the SPAS-12 and Flamethrower. The SPAS-12 can only be obtained through the either the console commands, modding or hacking. As with the regular SPAS-12, it deals heavy damage in close range and usually resulting in a kill however, if the target survives, they will take damage over time whilst their screen/HUD will burn red with flickering flames, similarly when struck by Napalm or Flamethrower attachments. The nature of the weapon is counted as a separate weapon from the regular SPAS-12 available in multiplayer rather than an attachment. Normal SPAS-12 have the ability of replenishing ammunition from a dropped Dragon's Breath and vice versa.


The Dragon Within (15Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Kill 10 NVA with Dragon's Breath rounds.


Video Edit


  • The Dragon's Breath SPAS-12's crosshairs do not move, unlike the regular SPAS-12.
  • Dragon's Breath is extremely powerful, as a single shot can destroy a car. In that manner, Dragon's Breath is similar to the Model 1887 from "Vorkuta".
  • Despite the Dragon's Breath rounds setting enemies on fire, they do not seem to actually die from the fire as they still retain their regular death animations and do not burn to death, unlike the flamethrower. But they still scream as they burn.
  • The game performs the player's first kill with Dragon's Breath rounds in slow motion, for dramatic effect.