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Warning: There is language on this page that some readers may consider offensive.


This is a glossary of various player terminology, seen in varying levels of usage among players. Since slang and acronyms are always being invented, along with new games, this list will never be truly complete.

Please note: Any terms on this page must be well-known, free of offending content, and as clear-cut as possible. All terms must be related to Call of Duty or Call of Duty Wiki explicitly. Other online terminology can be found on Urban Dictionary.


  • 1v1 Quickscoping: refers to a Free-for-All between two players who are both "Quickscoping".
  • 360: When the player spins 360 degrees, i.e. a full circle. May also refer to Xbox 360.
    • Primarily referred to the act of killing someone after the said action (typically with a semi-automatic weapon or the like).
  • 3arc: Treyarch.
  • 402: Robert Bowling's nickname.

A Edit

  • AEAE: Short for "All editors are equal", a policy on the wiki.
  • AfD: Short for "Articles for Deletion", a project page on the wiki.
  • Ace: When one player kills every opponent as "last man standing" in a Search and Destroy game.
  • Aimbot: a hacking device which ensures every bullet the player fires hits an enemy, regardless of the odds. This falls under the hacking category, and is extremely frowned upon, and is a bannable offence.

B Edit

C Edit

  • Camping: The act of staying in one specific area of a map (usually a corner or a building) while waiting for enemies to come into visual range. Often frowned upon.
    • Camper: A term used for someone who camps.
  • Christmas Noob: Refers to the wave of inexperienced players who get a Call of Duty game on Christmas.
  • Clan: An in-game gaming group. Clans can be competitive or recreational, and each clan's amount of players can vary from a few people to well over 1,000 people.
  • Clutch: A situation in which a player makes a last stroke to win the match while losing by many points.
    • Also used to refer to the act of the last player alive in a match of Search and Destroy winning a round by defusing the bomb while enemies are alive.
  • CoD: Call of Duty.
  • Collateral: When the player gets multiple kills with a single sniper rifle shot.
  • CT: Combat Training.
  • Crawler: A zombie that has had its leg(s) blown off, resulting it moving very slowly and giving players time to do vital things without threat. This term can also be used to refer to Crawler Zombies.
  • CvC: Stands for Clan vs Clan.

D Edit

  • DBAD: Short for "Don't be a dick", a policy on the wiki.
  • DDD: Short for Don't delete discussions, a policy on the wiki.
  • DDoS: Short for Distributed Denial of Service, which denotes an attack on someone's internet capabilities via the knowledge of their IP Address. DDoS attacks are a federal crime in some countries. DDoS attacks are often misconcepted as "Lag Switches", which is essentially a DDoS attack to slow down someone's connection instead of completely kicking them off of the internet.
  • Demo: Short for Demolition gametype. Can also refer to a Demo version of any game.
  • DFTT: Short for "Don't feed the trolls", a sub-policy on the wiki which denotes "to ignore, instead of engage, potential trolls".
  • DM: Deathmatch, a multiplayer game mode.
  • Dolphin Dive: Slang for Dive to Prone.
  • Dropshot: Going prone immediately upon encountering an enemy in close quarters combat in order to avoid gunfire while shooting.


  • eSports: Organised MLG events and tournaments that take place. They are usually sponsored by Activision.

F Edit

  • FA: Short for "Featured Article", a project page on the wiki.
  • FFA: Free-for-All.
  • FNG: Fucking New Guy, the training mission in COD4, and a callsign for a player that just stated playing any Modern Warfare multiplayer game.

G Edit

  • GL: Short for Grenade Launcher. Can also mean "good luck".
  • GG: Short for Good Game, player terminology used to denote that their enemies played well.
  • Go back to ____: A common insult made against a player, with the blank usually denoting a much older or more child-appropriate game.
  • GWK: Game winning kill, showcased in the final killcam.

H Edit

  • Hardscope: Slang (often derogatory) for using a sniper rifle 'properly', as opposed to quickscoping or trickshotting.
  • Head glitching: The act of using shoulder height cover to give a full view of target; whereas the target is limited to only the top of the enemy's head to shoot without using bullet penetration.
  • Hitmarker: A visual indicator (a small X-like figure in the middle of the screen) that appears when the player damages an enemy (or teammate, if friendly fire is turned on). Usually only appears in multiplayer modes. The term is often used for a situation where the player only damaged the enemy without killing them. In this sense, it is highly frowned upon.
  • HQ: Headquarters.
  • Holo: Holographic Sight.
  • HBS: Short for Heartbeat Sensor.

I Edit

J Edit

  • Javelin glitch: A former highly known glitch where a player could exploit the Javelin to create a massive explosion upon death (similar to the effects of Dead Man's Hand).
  • Jug/Jugg/Jugs: Short for Juggernog or Juggernaut.
  • Jumpshot: Jumping when encountering an enemy to evade incoming fire and shooting at the enemy simultaneously.

K Edit

  • KD or K/D: Kill to death ratio.
  • Killcam: a visual replay of events that lead to where the player got killed, shown in their killer's Perception of View. A killcam is not shown in the case of an Assisted Suicide.

L Edit

  • Lean: Short for "Contextual Lean", a game mechanic in Call of Duty: Ghosts.
    • Lean Meat: Slang for players who are leaning, as they are immobile and easy to pick off.
  • LMG: Short for Light Machine Gun, a group of long-range weapons seen in Call of Duty games.

M Edit

  • Marty: Short for Martyrdom.
  • Mic/Mike: Short for microphone.
  • MW: Stands for games in the Modern Warfare series, commonly with the game's number at the end (e.g. "MW2" for Modern Warfare 2).
  • MLG: Stands for Major League Gaming.
  • Modded Controller: a controller that has been [illegally] modified to make playing easier for the corresponding user, such as being able to pull the "fire" button excruciatingly fast.

N Edit

  • Newbie: A player that is new to the game and inexperienced, not necessarily used as a derogatory term.
  • Ninja Defuse: Act of stealthily defusing a bomb soon after an enemy plants it in Search and Destroy. A medal is rewarded to the player for doing so in any Modern Warfare game.
  • Noob: A derogatory form of "newbie", usually used to insult new players and those who use easy and "cheap" tactics, such as camping or using the most powerful weapon available.
  • Noob tube: Derogatory term used to express resentment toward grenade launchers which are relatively easy to use.
  • No-scope: Getting a kill with a sniper rifle by hip-firing. These kills are often admired and done with multiple actions preceding the no-scope, due to the extremely large hip-fire spread of Sniper Rifles.
  • NUW: Short for "New User Welcomer", a retired usergroup on the wiki.

O Edit

  • OMA: One Man Army.
  • OP/Overpowered: An in-game feature (such as a weapon) that is extremely effective, typically so much that it affects the overall balance of the game.

P Edit

  • Panic knife: The act of instinctively, or purposely knifing an enemy extremely close to the player without thought.
  • PaP: Short for Pack-a-Punch.
  • PoV: Short for Perception of Vision, which refers to a player's point of view. This term is often used when describing the Perception of Vision between multiple players.

Q Edit

  • Quickscoping/QS: An act where a player aims down the sights (typically with a sniper rifle), shoots just as it is scoped in, and scopes out immediately.
  • Quad: Four rapid kills.

R Edit

  • Ragequit: Ending or leaving a game mid-way because of anger toward the game or current situation.
  • RCP: Short for Recent Changes Patroller, a usergroup on the wiki.
  • Reload cancel: Cancelling a reload by momentarily sprinting, quickly switching weapons or meleeing before the animation is completed (but the gun is technically reloaded) to cut off the 'unnecessary' animation time from the reload.
  • Ricochet Rules: Game mode which, in the event of a player friendly-firing at a team-mate, all damage will be returned to the player firing.
  • RfA/RfB: Short for "Request for adminship/bureaucrat", a project page on the wiki.

S Edit

  • S&D/SnD: Search & Destroy, a multiplayer game mode.
  • Screen-peeker: players who look their guest's screen to their advantage in a Free-for-All game-mode in order to realize where they are. This is common in Split-Screen.
  • Shrink Ray: A nickname used by many players for the 31-79 JGb215, due to its complicated name.
  • Spawn: refers to the place where the player is deployed upon entering/re-entering the battlefield.
    • Spawn Camping: refers to camping around a team's spawn point, in hopes of killing unprepared players. This is common on very small maps, and is frowned upon.
  • Squeaker: often derogatory slang for a kid to be playing the game, due to their high-pitched voices.

T Edit

  • Tac Insert/Tac/TI: Short for Tactical Insertion.
  • Tac Camp: camping beside an enemy Tactical Insertion, in the hopes of the player killing the enemy upon them respawning.
  • Tac Knife: Short for Tactical Knife.
  • TDM: Team Deathmatch.
  • TK: Team Kill or Team Killing.
  • Trickshot: Doing different actions such as weapon switching and random spinning, and eventually proceeding to trying to get a kill with a sniper rifle.
  • Trigger Finger: a player's ability to push the "fire" button on their controller rapidly, which in turn, makes semi-automatic weapons fire much faster.
  • Troll: a player who solely plays the game to anger others via in-game features, such as revealing the location of an ally via shooting.

U Edit

W Edit

Y Edit

  • YouTuber: a player that uploads game content onto their YouTube account.

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