Dubois Non Parlez CODST
Appears in Call of Duty: Strike Team
Affiliations Tacitus Corporation
Nationality Afghanistan
Status Alive
Sex Male
Weapon AP-96
Alex Dubois is a character in Call of Duty: Strike Team. He serves as the regional training director for the Tacitus Corporation and he assists the J-SOC in tracking down Felix Kaplan in the Afghanistan campaign.

Biography Edit

Dubois introduced himself to Marshall and Reed amidst a firefight between the paramilitaries and the Afghan National Army. He offers to escort the two straight to Kaplan's stronghold if they assist the main assault. Dubois fights alongside them as they provide covering fire for the ANA. They make their way through the wartorn village and eliminate a local warlord which he says will weaken the enemy's resolve. They breach their headquarters and Marshall shoots him after the warlord reaches for a pistol. As they continue towards the headquarters, Team Onslaught clears a barricade on a heavily defended street and cover Dubois as he defuses a string of IEDs. They continue onwards until they reach an ANA operations base under heavy enemy fire. They provide sniper support and regroup at the operations base with the ANA, where they are just down the road from Kaplan's stronghold. Overlord sends in an AC-130 to soften up enemy defenses. Dubois and Team Onslaught drive an M1A2 Abrams straight into the fort, taking down waves of enemies, RPGs, and Mi-24 Hinds. Eventually, they clear out all the enemies and capture Felix Kaplan.