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Col dyke walking CoD4 DS
Appears in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS)
Rank Colonel
Affiliations USMC
Nationality American
Status Alive/K.I.A. (Depending on Player Action)
Killed By OpFor
Sex Male
Race Caucasian
Weapon M16A4
Equipment Frag Grenade
For the character in Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS), see Dyke (World at War DS).

Colonel Dyke was a member (possibly the leader) of the Marine Rescue Team in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS).

Biography Edit

Colonel Dyke and Private Bromby assaulted a hostile controlled building while trying to proceed to the crash site of a downed helicopter. After Bromby is killed, another soldier arrives and helps Dyke clear out the remaining hostiles in the building. There is a chance that the Opfor will use grenades, in which case they may kill Dyke.


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