"Automated, one time use repair system. Restores systems to combat functionality when in critical condition. Provides limited movement and use of some weapons during the repair process."
— Description

Emergency Reserve is a tactical rig in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The rig allows the player to repair themselves once when in critical condition, similar to Quick Revive in Zombies on Solo. When upgraded, the player will deploy an electrostatic blast before repairs begin in order to drive enemies away.


The reserve is one of the more reliable rigs in the campaign, often good for persevering through frustrating checkpoints or going for accolades that may require completion of a level without dying. Unlike most rigs, the reserve recharges at designated checkpoints, deactivating after its initial use in a mission.  If players have the Emergency Reserve as part of their customized loadout, it can be recharged in mobile armory crates as well.

Pressing the "fire" button while downed will allow the player to actively shoot and kill enemies while being revived, albeit with limited mobility.