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The Empty Perk Bottle is a new Power-Up in Origins. If the player has acquired the Golden Shovel and has Zombie Blood, a dig spot will be glowing red somewhere on the map.These red dig spots will not change spots until they are dug up. If these are dug up, an Empty Perk Bottle will appear. For every Empty Perk Bottle dug up by the player, an extra perk slot will be given. They may then buy an extra perk from the Der Wunderfizz machine or a Perk-a-Cola Machine.


There are fifteen glowing dig spots around the map. The locations are:

(Note: The glowing dig spots are randomized, and will not always be located nearby.)

  • Next to the Remington 870 MCS wallbuy at Generator 6
  • In the tank path going from the Church to the Tank Station. 
  • Next to a bench at Generator 4 (Juggernog
  • On Odin's foot step near Generator 5 next to the pathway to the church 
  • At Generator 5, in front of the soul chest (Stamin-Up)
  • The tank path going from the Tank Station to the Church
  • At the cul-de-sac trench near Generator 2, in front of a wheelbarrow.
  • Next to the Remington 870 MCS between the spawn and Generator 2
  • Just outside the doorway next to the Ballista wallbuy at Generator 1
  • Inside the Fire Tunnel
  • Next to Semtex grenades, just outside Generator 3
  • The barricade next to Generator 3
  • In Odin's foot step between the excavation site and Generator 4.
  • In the tanks path near Generator 4 and one of the Staff of Lightning parts.
  • Just outside the doorway of the tank station where the tank stops.


  • The Red Graves are separate to the regular graves. This is often confused, they are in entirely separate places, although some are located "nearby" to regular dig spots.
  • The player will still have the extra perk slots after they are downed.
  • The Red Graves will only spawn once per round. This means that if you collect one it will not respawn until the next round.

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