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Weapon Class


Magazine Size

55 rounds



Maximum Ammunition

55/55 + 0 (MP)

Fire Mode


Used by


"Dual integrated machine guns with built-in suppressors for close quarters combat."
— Description

The Equalizer (called ARM-2 during gameplay) is a heavy weapon featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare that is unlocked by default. It is available as a Payload for Synaptic.

The Equalizer features as two arm mounted machine guns that are internally suppressed.

Due to it's akimbo nature, it's strongly advised to get up close to the enemy as much as possible when using the weapon against them. In contrast, it's not the worst weapon to use at medium range, but keep in mind that most of the time in those type of engagements the enemy will always have the advantage of accuracy and sometimes lethality due to the fact that the Equalizer does not have great damage at range. When up close, the weapon can easily take out groups of close by enemies, while still staying stealthy due to their suppressed nature. Overall, it's an amazing weapon to be used at close range and should not always be underestimated at medium range.


Trivia Edit

  • When looking at the ammo count, the Equalizer's name is known as the ARM-2, suggesting this was either a pre-release name that made it to the public by accident or this is the actual name for the Equalizer.

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