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IW top right icon
Erad menu icon IW
Weapon Class

Submachine Gun

Magazine Size

30 rounds (SP & MP)
20 rounds (ZM)

Unlocked at

Level 1 (MP)
Level 11 (ZM)

Cost (Zombies)

950 (Magic Wheel)

Starting Ammunition

30+60 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

30+180 (SP & MP)
20+160 (ZM)

Used by

Special Combat Air Recon
David Hasselhoff
Settlement Defense Front

HUD icon

Erad HUD Icon IW

"Full-auto energy firearm. A wide dispersion muzzle dampens recoil, providing highest accuracy in class."
— In-game description

The Erad (capitalized as the ERAD in pre-release) is a Mashimo submachine gun featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


Unlike the multiplayer variant, the Erad is equipped with a Master Key underbarrel shotgun by default, which often kills both SDF troopers and C6 units in two shots or less. When combined with the Retractable Shield, the two can be a devastating combo on even higher difficulties.

When all side missions are completed, the Erad unlocks the Splitter upgrade, which converts the primary firing pattern into a slow-firing, vertical spread shot. It also converts the shotgun mode to have the weapon fire in a horizontal pattern.


The Erad can be bought as a wall gun in numerous locations in Zombies in Spaceland for 1250 points. The Erad's magazine appears as 20 rounds as opposed to 30 rounds (presumably for balancing reasons), and is generally a good weapon for dealing with crowds of zombies.

Its greatest weakness is its surprisingly rapid fire rate. Combined with the smaller magazine, it is easy to waste a magazine without having many kills. Because of this, the Erad should be fired in controlled bursts.

When upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch Machine, the Erad becomes the Extra Radical, gaining increased damage, a larger magazine, and more reserve ammo.


For attachments, see Erad/Attachments.

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