For other uses, see Battery and Battery (Cyborg Rising).
"Mess with the best, die like the rest."
— Battery's default comment in the Winner's Circle.
Erin Baker
Battery menu icon BO3
Battery in the Specialist selection menu.
Nickname(s) Battery
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Affiliations Black Ops, Winslow Accord
Nationality American
Status Alive
Birth March 18, 2043, United States of America
Sex Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green, Blue (Beta)
Race Caucasian
Weapon Any weapon obtained by the player in Multiplayer.
Equipment War Machine
Kinetic Armor
Voice Actor Morla Gorrondona
Level Unlocked at the Start

Erin "Battery" Baker is a playable Specialist in Call of Duty: Black Ops III multiplayer.


"The only daughter and youngest child of five siblings, Erin Baker always had to fight to get her way. Following in a family tradition of over 100 years of military service, and watching her brothers enter the US Army one-by-one, she finally graduated high school and enrolled herself. Driven to excel by her ongoing rivalry with her brothers, she volunteered for Airborne School, before crushing the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program. Heavily armored, she fearlessly operates ahead of the front lines, nimbly traversing urban environments, as she destroys HVTs with salvoes of advanced high-explosive munitions."
— Battery's biography

Much like Ruin, almost nothing is revealed about Battery in her transmissions other that her brother sacrificed his life to save his fellow soldiers and she comes from a long line of military men. Battery shows a large amount of respect for those who fight well in battle. While she shows disapproval for those who don't. She does seem to respect most specialists and gets along with most, minus Spectre and Nomad.


Match startEdit

— Starting line.
"Ready to bring the smoke!"
— Starting line.
"Let's blow shit up!"
— In response to unknown line.
"I got your back out there."
— In response to Ruin's "Tip of the Spear" line.
— In response to Ruin's "Attack" line.
"Just collateral waiting to happen."
— In response to Nomad's "Environment" line.
"*whistles* Quite the collection of upgrades."
— In response to Prophet's "Future of Combat" line.
"No, it will be the unrelenting hail of our whoop-ass."
— In response to Prophet's "Enemy's Downfall" line.
"Caller assigned."
— In response to Outrider's "Overwatch" line.
"Testosterone much?"
— In response to Spectre's "Stay Out of My Way" line.
"Just business as usual."
— In response to Seraph's "Not Personal" line

Match End Edit

"I didn't sign up for this; get your shit together."
— When defeated in a match.
"Mobile artillery gettin' the wind!"
— When victorious in a match
"What? It's over? Already?"
— When victorious in a match.

In CombatEdit

"Damn, that's some cold ass shit."
— In response to any other specialist's rapid kills with their specialist weapon.
"Clean up on aisle three!"
— Randomly after multiple friendly kills
— Randomly after earning two kills with the War Machine.
"Good effect, good effect!"
— Randomly after earning two kills with the War Machine.
— Randomly after killing an enemy Ruin.
"Prophet downgraded."
— Randomly after killing an enemy Prophet.
— Randomly after killing any enemy.
"Demolitions splash/KIA."
— Randomly after killing an enemy Battery.
"Took out their Overwatch."
— Randomly after killing an enemy Outrider.
— When stuck by a Semtex Grenade
— When stuck by a Semtex Grenade


"What, there was opposition?"
— Battery's "Opposition" taunt.
"Damn. I got in tougher fights as a kid."
— Battery's "No Sweat" taunt.
"Looks like your asses could stand another kicking!"
— Battery's "Still Standing?" taunt.
"The only way you win is by not playing."
— Battery's "Hero" taunt.
"Good fight, guys."
— Battery's "Good Fight" taunt.
"At least you fought like you got a pair."
— Battery's "Respect" taunt.



  • She has five brothers, the oldest of which is named James. She states in a transmission that he used his gravity spikes to save his team at the cost of his own life.