Ryan Jackson: On December 27th, 1979, the Soviet Special Forces' "Alpha Group" executed Operation Storm-333 which effectively ignited the Soviet "intervention" in Afghanistan. A high value asset, the lynchpin between the Agency and the anti-Soviet Mujahideen was taken into custody by a KGB Spetsnaz unit outside of Kabul that same day. Alex Mason, on his first mission in Afghanistan, was sent in to locate and rescue the asset...


Mason is in a building;

Mason: All set.

Hudson: Confirmed. They're holding the asset downstairs. Locate, and get him outta there.

Mason: I'm only seeing a small security detail. Should be rudimentary.

Mason enters the next room, and enemy soldiers crash through the windows, attacking Mason.

Mason: Shit! This place just got white hot. Ruskies everywhere! They knew we were coming!

Hudson: Nothing is fucked, Mason. You got this.

Mason fights his way out of the building and goes outside. He sees a sentry gun.

Mason: Time to use the big guns.

He places it.

Hudson: Heads up. Combatants headed your way!

Mason fights off the enemy soldiers entering the area. He moves up and enters a building.

Hudson: Move, Mason! Our asset won't last long in there!

Mason clears the room.

Hudson: Get in there!

He breaches the next room with C4  and clears the room.

Mason: Come with me.

The asset stands up and follows Mason.

Hudson: Good. Now get to the LZ. Your chopper is inbound.

Mason and the asset go outside to the LZ, and see the helicopter being attacked.

Mason: Shit!

Hudson: RPGs! Clear the LZ!

Mason fights off the enemy soldiers in the area.

Hudson: Stay alert. More incoming!

The area is cleared. The helicopter hovers over the LZ.

Hudson: You did it, Mason. Something tells me the Soviets won't like what this guy has to say. Could change things in Afghanistan.

Mason: In this place, nothing changes for very long.