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Exo Reload
Games of appearance Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Maps of appearance Outbreak
Cost 2,000

Exo Reload is an exo upgrade in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies mode. It grants the player a similar effect to Speed Cola, mirroring its effect of decreasing the time it takes to reload by 50%. It also allows for reloading while sprinting.

Exo Reload costs 2000 Credits, making it the second most expensive Exo Upgrade (along with Exo Slam and Exo Stockpile) and behind Exo Health. Its effect is most useful and noticeable on weapons with slow reload times, such as light machine guns and shotguns, but due to its high cost, it is ill-advised to purchase without Exo Health unless in dire need. Exo Reload is particularly useful in higher rounds, as it allows the player to reload while sprinting, for those moments when being chased by a massive horde of zombies.

Locations Edit

  • Outbreak: In the upstairs room of the Morgue.
  • Infection: In the Sewer Junction, between the rooms containing the door leading to the Value Voltage and the door leading to Burger Town.
  • Carrier: In the Lift, near the shark containers, facing the door leading to the Moon Pool.
  • Descent: In the Annex, close to both doors that lead to the Lounge.

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