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Exo Slam
Exo Slam AW
Games of appearance Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Maps of appearance Outbreak
Cost 2,000

Exo Slam is an exo upgrade in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in Exo Zombies. It allows the player to perform Boost Slam attacks. Boost Slam is a powerful attack that is able to daze or kill zombies in the area of effect, and is even able to make crawlers up to round 25. Unlike multiplayer, there is a brief cooldown period between each slam attack. During the cooldown, the upgrade icon will flash red.

Locations Edit

  • Outbreak: In the Main Hub, to the left coming from the starting area.
  • Infection: In the Atlas Command, to the left coming from Hoard More, in a corner.
  • Carrier: In the Bio Lab, in front of the door leading to the cargo room.
  • Descent: Just outside the Galleria, near the hallway to the Tidal Generator.


Come On and... - (25 Gamerscore) - Slam 10 zombies at once.