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For a similar feature, see GobbleGum.
"Single match upgrades that can greatly enhance a subject’s abilities. Build a deck of up to five cards to bring into the game. These cards can be earned in-game by completing challenges and progressing through the story."
— Feature Description

Fate and Fortune Cards are a feature that appears in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode. They are temporary upgrades that fall into two categories: Fate and Fortune. Fate cards can be used an unlimited number of times, while Fortune cards are one-use cards with more powerful effects.

Obtaining Edit

Fate cards are unlocked by gaining levels.

Fortune cards are obtained from booster packs, of which one can be obtained from Zombie Crates alongside other Supply Drop loot.

Usage Edit

Fate and Fortune cards are tied to a meter, similarly to Payloads in Multiplayer. When the meter fills, one card can be activated before the meter must be refilled again. Multiple cards can be activated simultaneously if the meter refills while another card is active.

The player's Fate and Fortune card deck can be replenished at a Fortune Teller for 5000 points.

Fate Cards Edit

Fortune Cards Edit




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Gallery Edit

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