Fire From the Sky
Fire From the Sky MW3DS
Previous level Lights Out
Next level Clean Up
Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance
Character Hunter
Team US Air Force
Place Baltimore Airport
Date 1530 hours
Objective Eliminate mobilizing Russian forces, clear the exterior of Russian presence, assist allies
Enemies Russian forces
— Pinned down squad's leader
"AC130 clears the exterior of a Russian occupied commercial airport before ground forces move in"
— In-Game description


"Fire From the Sky" is the tenth campaign level featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance, it takes place overhead a Baltimore airport that's currently under Russian occupation. An AC-130 Gunship is used throughout the level.


This mission opens up with Hunter looking at an overpass with two Russian helicopters flying past. Hunter is tasked with eliminating the convoy by Overlord. Two different convoys must actually be eliminated, one composed of 2 tanks and 8 motorcycles, and one composed of two jeeps, two motorcycles, and one tank. Both take different roads, making it impossible to eliminate both at the same time.

Cloud cover passes over and Hunter moves to a new location, this time two tanks and a helicopter on the radar that must be destroyed immediately, even though they are not pointed out as targets, or the mission will fail. There is also a second convoy on a overpass that is composed of one tank and two jeeps that must be destroyed.

More cloud cover moves Hunter to the northwest parking lot, where covering fire is requested by unknown soldiers. The soldiers must not be hit, or else not only with this part of the mission fail, but the player may have to repeat the last part as well. Hunter must destroy four Russian jeeps before the mission continues.

The next part of this mission involves preventing jets from taking off and leaving the airstrip. After the jets are destroyed, Hunter is forced to leave his position and provide aid to a squad that is pinned down at the airport's radar tower. More than twenty foot mobiles, four jeeps, and a tank must be destroyed in order to rescue the squad.

The mission closes up with Hunter providing covering fire for the team in the next mission, "Clean Up" as they breach the airport's main facility.