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First Hunt for Vladimir Makarov


First Hunt for Vladimir Makarov

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Previous battle: Battle for Prisoner 627
Concurrent battle: Battle of Washington D.C.
Next battle: Hunt for Shepherd
First Hunt For Vladimir Makarov
Woods Loose Ends MW2
Conflict: World War III
Date: August 16th, 2016
Place: Georgian-Russian Border, Caucasus Mountains
U.S. Vehicle Disposal Yard 437, 160 miles SW of Kandahar, Afghanistan
Outcome: Operational Failure
  • Shepherd Betrays Task Force 141
  • Captain Price goes after Shepherd

Task Force 141 Non-Disavowed Task Force 141
Umbra Catervae emblem MW2 Shadow Company (early in battle)

Inner Circle Inner Circle

Umbra Catervae emblem MW2 Shadow Company (later in battle)


Umbra Catervae emblem MW2Flag of the United StatesShepherd
Task Force 141 Non-DisavowedFlag of the United Kingdom Captain Price
Task Force 141 Non-Disavowed Flag of the United Kingdom Ghost Task Force 141 Non-Disavowed Flag of the United Kingdom Roach (originally replace by Ghost)

Inner Circle Vladimir Makarov

Umbra Catervae emblem MW2 Shepherd (later in conflict)

  • Task Force 141
    • At least two teams
  • Shadow Company
    • A Company

Undetermined amount of Terrorists

Unknown amount of Soldiers of Shadow Company




Undetermined number of Inner Circle Terrorists.

Undetermined number of Shadow Company Operatives

Also can be known as the Battle of the Inner Circle or the Inner Circle Hunt. It is the main conflict of World War III and took place during the events of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Hunting for MakarovEdit

Shepherd sets up Task Force 141 to hunt down and kill Makarov on sight. After acquiring a blank check, he sends his Task Force into both Russia and Afghanistan to track and kill Makarov. Ghost's team is sent to the Georgian-Russian border and Price's is sent to Afghanistan. John Price, Soap, Rook, and possibly several other Task Force operators sneak into the boneyard to find Makarov, whereas Ghost and his team are ambushed by terrorists after eliminating hostiles and not finding Makarov. Shepherd orders Ghost's team to recover an operations playbook.

Makarov's Operation Playbook and Shepherd's betrayalEdit

The team safeguards the DSM while endless waves of terrorists attempt to stop them. Ghost's team manages to successfully recover the DSM, then run to the extraction point, where Roach is critically wounded by a mortar. Ghost helps him to the LZ, where they are executed by a treacherous General Shepherd. Two Shadow Company soldiers pour gasoline on them, and they are set ablaze by Shepherd's cigar. Price attempts to warn them but is too late. Back at the Boneyard, Soap and Price have been split up and Soap fights through both Inner Circle terrorists and Shadow Company soldiers, to regroup with John and Rook. Price asks for help from Makarov to go after Shepherd. Makarov gives Price what he needs and they manage to get a ride and escape onto the runway. Rook is killed while tailing Nikolai's C-130, but they manage to board the aircraft and are safely extracted away.


After Price and Soap escape they are branded criminals by the world and they set to go after Shepherd.

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