First to Fight
Call Of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare First to Fight
Next level Exodus
Game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS)
Character Parker
Team United States Marine Corps
Place Middle East
Date Day 1, 2011
Objective Go to firing range

Pick up the M16

Shoot four targets

Shoot four targets using Aim Down Sight (ADS) mode

Shoot four targets while crouched

Pick up the grenades

Throw grenades through the indicated doors and windows

Report to Sgt. Vance

Complete place charge trial

Complete disarm charge trial

Move to bombing range

Use the binoculars to call in the air strike to eliminate the enemy tank

Get to the motor pool

Enemies OpFor
Multiplayer map Base
"Parker. About time."
Capt. Wojick

First to Fight is the first level in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS).


Sgt. HichbornWalkthroughEdit

The level starts with the player undergoing some basic training. Parker is ordered to go to the firing range. When he gets to the firing range, he is ordered to pick up an M16A4 and shoot the targets from the hip, while crouched, and aiming down the sights. After target practice, Parker is ordered to pick up Fragmentation grenades and throw them through the windows and doors of a building down range.

Next, Parker is ordered to go to the arming and disarming station where he is taught how to arm and disarm bombs. First he arms a bomb, then he disarms one. Then he is ordered to another range to call in an air strike on an inert T72 down range by Sgt. Newman. After Parker successfully calls in the air strike, Sgt. Newman congratulates Parker.

Suddenly, the OpFor attack the base. Sgt. Newman is killed, and Parker must get to the Humvee parked in the garage. Parker fights his way to the Humvee and gets on the M2 machine gun while another Marine drives it away.

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Starting Loadout

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First to Fight/Transcript

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Trivia Edit

  • When the base is invaded, the player can kill their teammates without penalty.
  • Strangely, in this level, the player can only carry one gun, because if trying to pick up an AK-47 or an RPG, it will replace the M16, therefore leaving the player with only one weapon at any given time.

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Call of Duty 4 DS - Mission 01 - First to Fight

Call of Duty 4 DS - Mission 01 - First to Fight